Victory — Court Stops Fish Farms in Gulf

BIG WIN! On Tuesday September 25, 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana decided that a federal regulation to develop fin fish farms offshore in the Gulf of Mexico was invalid. Green Justice attorney Marianne Cufone was local counsel and both GJ attorneys Emily Posner and Sascha Bollag participated in the case over the years.

The federal rules challenged by the lawsuit focused on the Gulf of Mexico, but also could have paved the way for fish farm permits all around the U.S. The Court ruled that existing fisheries management laws were never intended to regulate aquaculture (the farming of fish in pens or cages in offshore marine waters), concluding that the Department of Commerce “acted outside of its statutory authority…”

Click here to read the full judgment, or here to read the press release. And don’t forget to tweet your support with #dontcageouroceans!

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